Resource List

Below are listed some of the videos, books and other materials club members have found useful.

Coton de Tulear Specific References

A Coton’s World by Elisabetta de Luca. Email:

The Care and Grooming of the Coton de Tulear by M. Carriere


Crate Games
by Susan Garrett, available from

The How of Bow Wow
by Virginia Broitman and Sherri Lippman, available from

Tellington Touch for Happier, Healthier Dogs
by L. Tellington Jones

An assortment of free videos is available at’s ClickFlicks.


Animals in Translation
by Temple Grandin

Click for Joy
by Melissa Alexander

“The Dog Who Loved Too Much”, Tales, Treatments and the Psychology of Dogs
by Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Director, Behavior Clinic, Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine

Emergency First Aid for Your Dog
by Tamara S. Shearer, D.V.M.

The Irrepressible Toy Dog
by Darlene Arden

The Kalstone Guide to Grooming all Toy Dogs
by Shirlee A. Kalstone

The Other End of the Leash
by Patricia McConnell

Positive Perspectives, Love Your Dog, Train Your Dog
by Pat B. Miller

Puppies for Dummies
by Sarah Hodgson

The Rare Breed Handbook, 2nd Ed
by Dee Gannon

The Right Dog for You
by Daniel F. Tortora, Ph.D.

Treats, Play, Love-Make Dog Training Fun for You and Your Best Friend
by Patricia Gail Burnham

The Winning Edge – Show Ring Secrets
by George G. Alston