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Earn a Breed Club Championship!

Each year the USACTC recognizes new champion Cotons de Tulear. Our members have the opportunity to earn a Breed Club Championship at AKC dog shows throughout the United States . Once earned, the title of “Champion” will be recorded. Upon completion of a championship, you will receive a USACTC Champion Certificate suitable for framing.

The USACTC Championship Point System is based upon the AKC championship point system format. The AKC Point System is universally accepted as the most equitable system under which to win the title of “Champion.” This Point System ensures that only top quality Cotons are able to earn the honor of the title “Champion” in front of their names. The USACTC championship points can be earned through all accredited AKC dog show organizations. The Canine Chronicle will be the complete source for points beginning Janurary 1, 2015.

Requirements to Become a USACTC Champion:

  • Each dog must earn a total of 15 points acquired through accredited dog show organizations. ( Maximum points awarded per show is 5 points.)  USACTC entered the Non-Sporting Group in July 2014. AKC only points will be counted starting July1, 2014.
  • Included in these 15 points are at least two shows called majors. Majors are shows with enough Cotons competing to be awarded 3 points, 4 points, or 5 points at any one show.
  • Additional points can be earned as single points. For example, two majors with at least 3 points won at two shows (total of 6) and single points from several smaller shows (totaling 9) would equal the required 15 points.
  • In addition to the required show points, the individual dog must be at least 1 year of age, have an OFA clear Cardio, OFA Patella normal and an assigned Cerf number.

Minimum Age of Dog to Earn Points:

Six months of age.

Who Can Participate:

Participation in the USACTC Championship program is open to all USACTC members and their AKC/USACTC registered Cotons. AKC participation requires all entries must be AKC registered prior to show entry. Points earned will begin upon day of membership. Any points prior to club membership will not be valid.

Club Championship Certificate