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GCHB Whispering Lanes Just Right for Morninglow   Owners: Leslie & Emilio Machado


GCHS CH Mi-Toi’s Burberry At Justincredible CM


GCHS CH Mi-Toi’s Burberry At Justincredible CM

Lopatin Award

Now Retired

This award is an annual award that will be given to a member of the USACTC, Inc whose Coton has highest AKC ranking each year. This year,2015 will mark the first year our Lopatin Award will be given to the Coton with the highest total points (combined of Breed and All Breed). The trophy is a perpetual award, owned by the club and inscribed with the winning Coton’s name and owner’s name.  The winner will be presented with a commemorative plaque to keep. This award was originated and donated by Suzanne Lavigne and Andr’e Sauve for special recognition of the years hard work established by the founder of USACTC, Inc. Leon and Helga Lopatin.  USACTC will utilize the statistics and effective date employed by The Canine Chronicle to calculate points earned.  Canine Chronicle statistics year: beginning from January 1, 2015 up to and including December 31st 2015.  You must be a USACTC member in good standing beginning January 1st 2015 or your points will begin from date of membership approval.

Lopatin Award 2014

Since our breed went into the Non-Sporting group with AKC on July 2nd, the 2014 Board voted to only accept AKC show points for ranking after the breed was recognized.  The board voted to end all rare breed club points, as of July 1, 2014 to encourage people to show AKC.   AKC ranking points for “Breed” from July 2nd to December 31, 2014 will be rewarded with beautiful crystal cubes to show our appreciation. The Coton with the most points, (combined “Breed” and “All Breed”) receives the 2014 Lopatin Award.



Grand Champion Just Incredible Chanel  Owner: Justine Romano



Dior A Votre Sante   Owner: Peter and Denise Seminar


California Dreamin’s Bodaga Bay (Owner: Dennis & Donna Presley)


CH Just Incredible Cavalli

Owner/Handler: Justine Romano   Breeder: Justine Romano







2010cavalli 2011

Mi-Toi’s Versace   

Owner/Handler: Justine Romano   (Breeder: Louis & Carmen Ortiz)


Mi-Toi’s Tonka Toy of Sirius Cotons  Owners/Breeders: Pam Osborne and  Luis Ortiz



Mi-Toi’s Tonka Toy of Sirius Cotons  Owners: Pam Osborne and Luis Ortiz



Simba of Cotonnelle  Owners: Randall and Pam Osborne/Luis Ortiz   Breeder: Valerie Ford



Windsong’s Driftwood “Oscar”  Owner: Beverly Kohler



Cotonnerie Rebelcreek Rosevelt   Owner: Karen Black

2003 & 2004 


Jesperson’s Ajax Owner: Pam Osborne and Carmen Ortiz


Champion Starkatcher Orion  Breeder/Owner: Eileen Narieka



Champion Rifelin Amorella  Owner: Eileen Narieka


Bar-Ken’s Jalapeno of CasaBlanca  Owner: Barbara Adcock