Club Members  Ranking

USACTC, Inc. publishes ranking points (quarterly) of statics taken from the Canine Chronicle.  This report will consist of all Cotons competing in AKC events.

  • The highest scoring Coton will receive a “Certificate” of achievement from USACTC.
  • USACTC, Inc. members will be considered for the following awards of achievement.

Beginning from January 1, 2018 up to and including December 31,2018.

USACTC will utilize the statistics and effective date employed by The Canine Chronicle to calculate points earned. You must be a USACTC member in good standing beginning January 1st 2018 or your points will begin from date of membership approval.

Bronze Coton Award  – Plaque with Bronze Coton relief will be awarded to the Coton that has the highest ranking of All Breed Points.

Breed Award  – Plaque with Club logo for  Show Dog or Bitch of the Year – (highest number of breed points won)

Happy Go Lucky Agility Award – Plaque with Club logo will be awarded to the Coton that has the highest points for year ending.

National Owner/Handler Award –  Plaque with Club logo for the winning Coton, starting from October 9, 2017 up to and including October 7, 2018.

Bred by Exhibitor only class –  Certificate of achievement.

Disclaimer:  Only one plaque (stating all wins) will be awarded if the same Coton wins more than one award.