JUNE 4, 2018 – CHLOE is ADOPTED and thriving in her new home.


Her Adoption is Pending and we have back up offers to foster/adopt.

Thank you for all the interest in this sweet little girl.

Please check back often to see if there is a Rescue/Rehome Coton near you.

THANK YOU for your support of Coton Rescue.


(May 4th, 2018)

Please be aware that there is a Coton located in Houston Texas in need of re-homing.

Here are the particulars: Female, Spayed, 4 1/2 years of age, up to date on all vaccines and dental.  Documentation: Paperwork of parentage is available. Breeder no longer breeds Cotons. Veterinarian documentation to be included.  Groomed monthly at her home.

Characteristics: Chloe is a sweet female who tends to be shy and fearful of other dogs. OK with small children that like to play with her. She uses a doggie door 90% of the time. No aggressive tendencies whatsoever. Has never bitten. Has not be properly socialized and will need training. Goes on a leash. Would love to be able to go on regular walks.

Reason for rehoming: Failing health of owner.

Please contact me if you are interested or know of someone. dirinella@me.com

Thank you

Diane Rinella USACTC

Rescue Chair


USACTC, Inc operates Coton Rescue One. As the Coton de Tulear Parent Breed Club for AKC, we will be working with individual’s that volunteer with No Kill Shelters across the United States. We will set forth guidelines to educate, advance, and protect the interests of re-homing and rehabilitating pure bred Coton de Tulear dogs. Members of the Coton Rescue One Association will conduct themselves with honesty and openness, regardless of the location, circumstances or people involved.


1. To identify and take into immediate care, Cotons who have been lost, abandoned, surrendered or otherwise disowned.
2. To find suitable adoptive homes for these dogs.
3. To provide all possible assistance to an adoptive home to ensure the permanent welfare of the adopted Coton.
4. To educate the public regarding our purpose and scope of our activities.
5. To educate surrendering owners to prevent the dog from being turned into rescue.

Contact: Diane Rinella, Rescue Chair  dirinella@me.com