Registration Policy

The USACTC, Inc.,  AKC Parent Club for the Coton de Tulear no longer will register the Coton de Tulear.  Please contact AKC to register your Coton.

Our registration policy in the past accepted FCI & USACTC pedigrees.  If your dog is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, the Kennel Club of Great Britain, or UKC and if you would like to register your Coton with AKC, USACTC will help you confirm quality of bloodlines if we have the history in our Pedigree database.  You may contact the USACTC Registrar at (859) 319-9901 or

Information needed for USACTC to help you with a Single Dog AKC Registration
  • Copies of current pedigree.
  • Any Coton wishing to be registered with AKC will require the origional breeder’s signature.  Breeder must indicate if the dog was sold as companion or show breedable dogs. The breeder is the sole authority to designate FULL (breeding) or LIMITED (may be changed to either FULL by the BREEDER ONLY) status. An owner may NOT make this determination. Registration applications must have signatures of the breeder, the owner of record, and the new owner if applicable.
  • USACTC will not help to confirm the quality and or history of Cotons purchased from a pet shop, raffle, auction, puppy broker or from a puppy mill.

If you have questions or concerns regarding registration with the USACTC, Inc., please contact the Registrar:

USACTC, Inc. Registrar
Tel: 859-319-9901