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Please note information is of club history, we hope you can appreciate and enjoy reading.DNA Certification and Identification Program

These are the first Coton owners and breeders to have their Cotons DNA identified and profiled through our USACTC DNA Parentage and Identification program.Barbara Adcock
Yulon Bearup
Aisha Cameron
Pat Enright
Beverly Kohler
Pat Kapp
Sandra Ramsthal
Marilyn Smart
Karen Dash
Brenda Magnon
Jaqueline Arndt

Congratulations to all of you who have seen the value of this rewarding program.

Let’s make this list grow!

by Pat Enright
Co-Chairman Health Committee
Coordinator USACTC, Inc. DNA Parentage and Certification Program

In 2003 at the USACTC Annual Meeting, the USACTC, Inc. DNA Certification Program was officially launched. The success of the USACTC, Inc. DNA Program relies heavily on the participation and cooperation of reputable breeders and owners such as yourselves.

I am inviting you once again to be a part of a magnificent program that will undoubtedly be an asset to the future welfare of the Coton de Tulear.

For those of you who have kits and have not yet sent in your samples, please take a moment to locate your DNA sample kits and take the samples of your breeding stock.

For those of you who wish to obtain a kit (1 kit per dog), or if you have questions, or need another kit, please call Pat Enright at 631-957-1189, or send an email to

The future of the Coton depends upon each and every reputable breeder’s cooperation in the program.

Each kit is $50 for processing and must be pre-paid. 10 or more dogs are $45 each when the results are going to one person.

We hope that you decide to participate in this wonderful program. For Breeders, it can be a strong asset to your breeding program, increase the value of your stock and puppies, set you apart from average breeders and, most importantly, provide an undisputable database of parentage and identification whose integrity cannot be questioned.

For pet owners, you will be contributing to the ever-needed data base of DNA profiled Cotons which will pave the way for future accomplishments in health and preservation for the breed.

This program might also help to decrease the puppy mill and pet shop acquisitions, because hopefully Coton clients will only want to do business with DNA certified breeders.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and getting your samples soon. Please spread the word, as the USCTC DNA Program is open to all Coton owners, regardless of club affiliation.