Members Code of Conduct

I will comply with the rules and regulations of The American Kennel Club, the constitution and by-laws of the United States Of America Coton De Tulear Club, and this Members Code of Conduct.

I will be of assistance to all newcomers to the breed if requested, so they may be mentored in the way that will best serve the Coton de Tulear.

If I make the personal decision to become a breeder and choose not to join the USACTC COE breeder program:
a) I will respect the USACTC breeder’s code of ethics.
b) I will comply with the AKC breeder regulations.
c) I will understand and accept the breed standard as presented by the United States of America Coton De Tuléar Club, Inc.

Should a Coton de Tulear turn up in a rescue situation, I shall do whatever is within my ability to ensure the welfare of the dog, either retrieving the dog personally or assisting rescue in every way possible.

I will observe the highest standards of sportsmanship, conduct and good will at conformation shows, obedience and agility trials and any other event involving the Coton de Tulear. I will not bring disgrace to myself, USACTC, or any of its goals, objectives, or policies.

As a USACTC member, I will be responsible for my actions and I will not malign my competition by making false, misleading, and/or harassing statements regarding a competitor’s dog, breeding practices, or person, whether at a competitive event or online on public forums. This will include any form of media, technical communications, emails, Facebook, twitter, texting or any chat group. I will not engage in actions that constitute conduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Club or of the Breed.

I will be respectful and will not discredit the reputation of my club, our officers or its members in the execution of his/her duties. I will support the USACTC Board of Directors as the vehicle through which this organization operates under the laws of the state of incorporation. Any attempt to undermine or devalue the reputation, success, purpose, advancement or goals of the club will not be tolerated regardless the public medium used to communicate those negative actions.

Violations of this code of conduct may result in loss of membership privileges.

This policy may be update as appropriate, and membership will be so notified.