Health Care Fund

What is the USACTC, Inc. Health Care Fund Program?

The Health Care Fund program is a refund payable to USACTC members who are listed on the USACTC Breeders Directory.  Limit is three refund vouchers per breeder listing per calendar year.

Purpose of the Program?

The Health Care Fund program will promote structural health testing and encourage genetic health testing, both of which are essential to the future of the breed.  Health testing can make a difference in producing only the best bred Cotons.

How Does It Work?

  1. USACTC started the Health Care Fund January 2013.  Contingent upon Board approval, a budget is set aside to cover projected refunds for the following calendar year.  Private donations are welcome.
  2. Upon approval of a breeder’s directory application, three voucher usages of $25, $25, and $50 will be applied to an approved full-year applicant’s credit, and may be used any time during the calendar year.
  3. A $25 voucher will be issued for any qualifying genetic or structural test; only two may be issued per calendar year.  A $50 voucher will be issued for either a hip or hip/elbow combination test or for a Von Willebrand’s genetic disease test; only one may be issued per calendar year.
  4. A maximum of $100 refund will be issued per full-year breeder directory listing per calendar year.
  5. For all co-owned dogs, voucher must specify if the refund will be sent to the owner or co-owner.  Vouchers must be used before the end of December each calendar year. All unused vouchers will be cancelled.

How do I submit a Voucher?

USACTC members who have been approved for the breeders directory listing wishing to participate in this program must fill out a Health Care Fund Voucher Request Form.  Request forms must have test certification numbers in order to be processed. Requests must be received by December 31 of any calendar year. 

Vouchers may be used for the tests listed below:

             Structural Testing Genetic Testing
Patellar Evaluation BNA (Bandera’s Neonatal Ataxia)
Eye Certification DM ( Degenerative Myelopathy)
Cardiac Evaluations CMR2 (Canine Multifocal Retinopathy)
Radiographs of hips VWDI (Von Willebrands I)
Radiograph of elbows PH (Primary Hyperoxyluria)
Thyroid Screening HU (Hyperuricosuria)

(revised 1/11/15)